Welp, I’m a word presser now!

I’m about 15 years late, but I decided I can do a bloggy website too. See, I’m keeping up!

I thought about starting websites all these years. I couldn’t decide what the theme would be, I was overwhelmed by everyone else’s websites, and I couldn’t just buck up and do it. I’m possibly the most indecisive person on earth. Not just that, but I thought, why should I try to stand out? Why should I spew my thoughts into the cybersphere? Who will care?
I realized that’s not the point. You do it to just do it. You do it to give yourself a space to present all your amazing ideas in a pretty way with a bow on top. “Publishing” a blog to the outside world forces you to think every thought to its completion, organize ideas, and re-take those fuzzy photos until they meet socially accepted standards, whether someone else sees it or not. It’s the hypothetical people (..or person) who might look at it that light a fire under you to do it right.

I think something might have subconsciously inspired me to finally do this. I read Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s “Learned.”


It’s a wicked, raunchy little book about Lena’s semi autobiographical sexcapades, but it’s also full of angsty wisdom. The message though, her final takeaway, was that girls and young women need to know they have a right to a voice. And a point of view. And their perspective is valid and just as worthy of screaming out loud as any other. Not to genderize this whole thing, but boys are encouraged to act out, speak up, and be showboats from a young age. Check out any 5th grade classroom, and you’ll see far fewer girls are loud n’ proud. So it’s very possible that I’m projecting my issues onto this blog – where I’ll voice opinions, thoughts, and ideas I had but was too wimpy to just spit out when I was 11.

My heroine!
My not wimpy hero

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