So good, so vegan.
So good, so vegan.

My favorite soy yogurt company, Wholesoy, just went out of business. It was the only one that made an unsweetened soy yogurt, and it actually tasted pretty good. So that left me and my vegan manfriend scrambling for what to do to get our soygurt fix. Turns out the same recipe that works to make regular dairy yogurt works well with soy milk.

You can do this on the stovetop, but if you have a crock pot, I find that that’s easier – really, all you do is pour some milk and the next day magical yogurt appears.

I’m not showing you how to make soy yogurt from scratch – I don’t know much about cultivating live cultures. So you’ll need to have a bit of pre-made yogurt to use a starter for this recipe,  but from then on you can use your yogurt as your starter. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

What you’ll need:

Crock pot
Cooking thermometer
1 qt unsweetened soy milk with no additives – I use Trader Joes
1 Tb yogurt with live cultures, as a starter – I use Nancy’s soy yogurt
Bath Towel
Time -This is definitely a weekend project, since you’re letting it sit overnight.

Tomorrow, this will be yogurt!
Tomorrow, this will be yogurt!


Pour the soymilk into your crock pot and heat on low for about 3 hours – until it reaches at least 180 degrees.

Turn off your slow cooker, and let sit until it cools down to 110 degrees, usually takes about 3 hours.

Add 1 Tb yogurt, and gently stir in with a whisk or fork. Put lid back on slow cooker, take it out of its electric base, cover with a bath towel, and place in the oven or other warm, draft-free spot overnight (10 – 12 hours). The next day it will be soygurt!

There may be a layer of whey on top, which you can strain with a triple layered cheesecloth. I like my yogurt kind of runny, and mine didn’t have the whey layer, so I left it as is.


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  1. Kelly says:

    Wholesoy company. Who needs em anyways?!


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