These movies will probably fix everything

I walked to the neighborhood  video store (!) today and rented some DVDs. Remember that video store smell? And the florescent lights? and the paralyzing indecisiveness that takes over all your organs when you walk in? Well, all those things are still goin on in video stores.

I talked with the video store clerk for at least half an hour about absolutely nothing, and we had so many opinions about nothing!  My new clerk friend’s name is Milo, and he’s a cross between the Clerks guys and the comic bookstore guy in the Simpsons. Some highlights of the discussion:

  • Lost – Milo is re-watching the whole thing for the 3rd time. I asked him why he’d torture himself like that. He says there are clues that indicate they planned that ending all along. I think the ending is so terrible, that can’t possibly be true. Apparently John Lock’s ability to walk again = he must be dead. He knew he was dead all along!
  • Mad Men – those old men are sooo bored!
  • Game of Thrones – they’re just going to kill off my favorite character. And add 18 more whose names I can’t remember. Why do I keep caring?
  • Nicholas Cage – Milo and I both have a secret guilty um…thing for Nicholas Cage. But only in certain movies. Milo wasn’t so eager to confess this scandalous celeb crush, but I got it out of him. My guilty pleasure is Nick Cage in Con Air, and we both agreed NC’s performance in Raising Arizona was prettty stellar.

After hours of waffling at the video store, I decided on these two greats:


Hysterical Blindness will break your heart, and you’ll fall in love with Uma Thurman and Juliette Lewis playing pathetic Jersey girls in the 80s who are pushing 30 and haven’t figured out how to adult yet. But enough drama. By the time I’m done with that heartwrencher, I’ll be ready for some comedy. According to my sister, Pitch Perfect is very funny. I could use some hilarious chicks in my life, so this looks promising. The important thing is that I actually made a decision and left the video store with two movies in under two hours!

This tax season has been…taxing. I’m tired and I missed having down time.  I have this tendency to keep moving and going til’ my back breaks (literally! my back discs are bulged and pinching nerves). So I decided it’s time to stop feeling guilty about chilling for long enough to melt my brain with some entertainment and greasy microwave popcorn  (JK! you know I couldn’t bring myself to do that. I’ll totally be making stove top, maybe sprinkle some nutritional yeast on there. Might even get crazy with a big batch of kale chips!)

I’ll update in…4 hours all about how epic my movie marathon was.



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