Succulent Rock Garden Basket

rock garden close up    rock garden zoomed out
I don’t have many nice things to say about apartment living. But the one good thing that came of it, is it forced me to get creative with planters, since I can’t have a big grown up yard. It’s probably for the best that I only have to manage the plants that fit on the balcony. With my history I’d probably murder everything if I had to maintain a whole yard.

Today I experimented with making a rock garden in a basket. I still have a bunch of supplies from my terrarium making  days – bags of pebbles and seashells that you can get at the dollar store or yard sales, or pick up off the beach the good old fashioned way. I also had an old basket lying around that had the very important job of gathering dust bunnies, paperclips, screws, buttons, and pennies. So yeah, it was time to repurpose it.

rock garden supplies  IMG_3757

I walked to the Hillsdale Famers market  today, which is where I get my succulent fix. They sell cute little succulents for $1 each so I mix n matched a six pack.

IMG_3762  IMG_3760  IMG_3763

To make the garden: All you do is cut a plastic bag to fit the basket, line the bottom, and cut little slits in the bottom of the plastic to drain. Fill your basket with dirt, plant the little guys, give them a little water, and the rest is all you and your creative prowess! I made a little pebble path, but you can fill it with seashells or sand dollars, trinkets, coins, plastic army men…whatever other treasures you find under the couch cushions!

Keeping your succulents alive: This is the tricky part for notorious plant killers like me. I think the most important thing to remember is not to over water them when kept indoors in the winter. In the summer, let them dry out and water to keep soil moist, as usual.IMG_3767
They like some sunlight, but not direct sunlight, or else they burn. For more succulent raising tips, see this helpful website.


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  1. Cassidy says:

    This is a great idea!


    1. kareninapdx says:

      Thanks Cassidy! I love your website


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